A conversation with the founder of Nahla Swim, Amani @im.amani.

What led to the creation and launch of Nahla Swim?

Nahla Swim was born out of a love of two things. Swimwear and philanthropy. Knowing I wanted to start a swim brand, it was important for me to give the brand more depth and purpose.

Now more than ever, brands don’t need to be one-dimensional. Their power and impact comes from their social responsibility, their ethics, their sustainability, and their desire to make a positive impact.

I wanted to create something bigger than just swimwear.

Having seen the challenges and needs millions are facing worldwide, creating a purpose-driven brand was a priority for me. That’s where the idea of doing cause-based collections came from.  

Each collection will directly support and benefit a vulnerable cause, where 100% of of accessory profits will go directly to that organization to help where they need it most.

What is your approach to swimwear and design?

I’ve always believed in minimal yet intricate design. Classic with unique elements of interest. Instead of screaming for attention with loud design elements, turning heads by how perfectly our pieces fit, how pigmented our colors are, and how effortlessly our silhouettes were made to flatter the female body.

What is your long-term vision for the company?

Our vision is to create a premium and purpose-driven swim label that makes a tangible impact on the world’s most vulnerable causes.

Connect with me: @im.amani